Au début

OVERWHELMING!! That’s what my first week in Breton has been. Everything is so new and confusing, but also fun and exciting at the same time. It is winter time and the days are short (the sun rises at 9 in the morning and sets by 5 pm! Now that’s a cool 9 to 5 job!!). But to me, the days feel so long right now, with very little to do through the day. I reached here on Monday and for the next three days, I didn’t have to go to school. I was pretty much alone throughout the day and I usually start feeling tired by the afternoon. I just realised there are actually a lot of hours in the day when you are not just staring at a screen!

I do not have WiFi in my room so if I want to get on my phone, I have to go downstairs to the lounge. But there is usually somebody there downstairs and I don’t end up going on my phone. That’s the story of how I broke my internet addiction – a simple plane ride to a foreign country.

Arbe d’or

I started school on Thursday and despite my misgivings, it was not that bad. I was really anxious leading up to the day that I finally had to go to school, but apart from the fact that I can’t really understand much, it’s been going well. No major mishaps so far. On my first day, a group of girls took me under their wing and I’ve been following them around ever since. They’re really nice to me and even send me French to English translations when they’re texting me. School is a wild ride and I still don’t know where all my classes are because the school is really big. Also, French school timetables are really confusing (or seem so to me). I have a lot of free periods because I’m an exchange student. The girls in class told me that they have a lot of tests coming up so I guess it’ll to be fun to see what happens with that.

Different things to eat along with the raclette

As for my host family, they are really nice people and understand the fact that I’m not very good at French and often help me out when I’m talking to new people. For dinner the first night, I tried Brie and Camembert along with the soup. My host parents speak a bit of English so if I’m really stuck they help me out. One problem is that I can’t tell time very well in French so whenever my host family tells me some plans we have to attend, they have to repeat themselves at least two or three times.

I was really homesick and confused on the first day but as the week went on, I started to feel a lot better. The best way to stop feeling homesick is definitely to just go out there and involve yourself in whatever is going on with your host family/ school rather than just staying in your room or on your phone. Overall, my exchange trip to France is going really well and I cannot wait to learn more French and actually understand what people are saying!

This was a pretty short blog post but I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to like and follow my blog and feel free to comment anything down below 🙂 à bientot!

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