About me


About me

Name of my exchange program: NZIIU (https://student-exchange.co.nz/)

Program length: Trimester

Country: France

Home Country: New Zealand

Me and my language teacher
  • My name is Zainab. I am a Year 10 student at Epsom Girls Grammar School (EGGS). I have successfully applied for an exchange program with NZIIU and am hoping to go to France for a trimester of studies in 2019.
  • Languages are something I have been passionate about and French is a beautiful language that I want to explore and immerse myself in. I achieved an Emerald rank in Language Perfect and was scored among the top 1% of students in New Zealand.
  • I am also proud to be an NZIIU Language Perfect ambassador and can’t wait to share my experiences once I get back. I hope to be a representative of a small, diverse community of people that you don’t usually see going on exchanges like this one.